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Attention Parents' Organizations: Announcing a free one-hour presentation no parent should miss!

Raising Money-Healthy Kids: How to prepare our children for a lifetime of financial fitness and well-being

Did you know:

  • College freshmen receive credit card applications in their orientation materials?
  • 80% of college students have at least one credit card; 32% have 4 or more?
  • 10% of college students have a credit card balance of $7000 or more upon graduation?
  • Almost 9% of personal bankruptcies are filed by people under the age of 25?

How do we protect our children and young adults from the $1.5 trillion dollar credit card industry, and help them get off to the right start to financial health and peace of mind? Learn how by having your parents' group host "Raising Money-Healthy Kids", presented by Kim Corwin, founder of New Leaf Financial Counseling, Northborough.

By attending "Raising Money-Healthy Kids" you will learn:

  • What financial challenges our children and young adults face today;
  • What they need to know to be prepared for these challenges: not only money skills but sound money values and emotional maturity as well; and
  • How parents can teach their children what they need to know before they leave home for college or the workplace.

In praise of "Raising Money-Healthy Kids":

"You were tremendous! I was very impressed with your talk this evening. You really engaged the audience and generated a lot of good questions and discussion. I will let the other Auburn PTOs know that they definitely should have you on their schedule next year!"
—Elizabeth Johnson, Principal, Mary D. Stone School, Auburn, MA

"The seminar was fabulous! I learned a lot of concrete ways to help develop financial healthiness in my child."
— Diane Elilhow, Hopkington, MA

"The information presented in the program was eye-opening and information that all parents should hear! Kim was friendly, approachable and quite knowledgable!"
— Donna Dobay, Hopkington, MA

"Great program. Real life issues addressed."
— Suzanne Harris, Hopkington, MA

Did you know:

"...young lives [are] being ruined by credit card debt that [leads] to dropping out of college (misclassified as academic casualties), health problems (physical and emotional), family conflicts, bankruptcy, job rejections (due to poor credit histories), loan denials, inability to rent apartments, professional school rejection, and even suicide."
—Robert D. Manning, in "Credit Card Nation"

"In my private practice, many of my clients' money troubles have their roots in what they learned about money as children -- values, skills and behaviors that are not serving them well in their (often repeated) attempts to achieve financial peace of mind. I've prepared this presentation to help parents learn the most effective ways to help their children learn about money, at ages 2 through 18."
—Kim Corwin, Founder, New Leaf Financial Counseling

Interested in hosting, at no charge, "Raising Money-Healthy Kids" at your parents' organization? Contact Kim at 508-393-5401, or by email at

Kim Corwin, CFRC, AFC, founded New Leaf Financial Counseling after a 20-year career in quality and change management in large organizations. Her work with clients is twofold: addressing the emotional components that shape their self-defeating money behaviors and teaching them the money management skills that lead to financial well-being and peace of mind. Kim offers both in-person and telephone counseling, and writes and addresses civic, church and youth groups on a variety of money management topics. A graduate of MIT's Sloan School, she is certified by the Financial Recovery Institute and the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.